About Ledbury Lodge Kennels

History of the kennels

We both had a dream when we first met in the year 2000, to run a business with our dogs.  It all began in 2009 with two young boys when we made the move to Herefordshire with a big dream.

We wanted to set up a kennels where we would be happy to leave our dogs.  We believed that our dog psychology approach helps to keep our guests calm and quiet in an environment that would not stress them.  Over the years our client base has grown at an incredible rate and we have over 4,000 dogs on our books from all over the UK & Europe.  Our clients have really embraced our approach, helping to grow and build a fantastic reputation.

If your want a kennels that offers something different, then Ledbury Lodge Kennels is worth a visit

In 2014 my parents Keith and Jenny both retired and moved in to help run the kennels, they both are very experienced dog owners and my father Keith is also an experienced trainer.

My sons Joe and Jack have grown up with dogs and training from day dot, so understand how we run the kennels.  They are both very active in the kennels regularly helping with play times and feeding, Ledbury Lodge Kennels is truly a family run business!