Special Needs

We are happy to try and accommodate your dog whatever his or her needs

We are happy to try and accommodate your dog whatever his or her needs, but if your dog has any pre-existing medical needs or any behavioural problems please discuss this at the time of booking. This enables us to plan for your dogs stay and have everything ready when they arrive.

In the case of behaviour problems it gives us a chance to brief everyone who may come into contact with your dog during their stay.


Written instructions are very gratefully received (including dose of medications, time usually given, whether tablets are normally put in treats, dinner or straight into the dogs mouth, for example.)

Please try to bring medication labelled and in the original bottles. We would also ask that you try to provide enough medication to last your dogs stay.

If there is anything we need to look out for, or may just be peculiar to your dog (such as a limp) we need to know.

If your dog is on prescription diet, again, please bring enough to last his or her stay.


Again written instructions or descriptions are great. We do need to know if your dog needs to be muzzled to be given ear drops or  when taken to the vets, for example.

If your dog is following a training programme we will try to accommodate this wherever possible.

If your dog is particularly nervous or shy please feel free to bring him or her up to meet us before they stay so they know us before being left (please ring to arrange this so we have time to spend with you and your dog).

Where possible try to bring your dog in for the day or a weekend before leaving him or her for a longer holiday.

Any dogs are welcome to bring things from home with them, but if your dog is nervous please try to bring some bedding from home.

If you are concerned that your dog may not settle, please ask your vet about Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) which now comes as a collar and a spray as well as a plug in.

DAP uses pheromones to help comfort dogs in situations they are unsure of.