Our Testimonials

The following testimonials have been received by Ledbury Lodge Kennels from satisfied clients and can be made available to all prospective and existing clients to be read in full upon request.

Toby and Rob would like to say thank you for the wonderful 2 week stay and good care at Ledbury lodge kennels. Toby’s second stay and he doesn’t like me going away but always is content at Ledbury lodge kennels. Rob’s first stay at the kennels, when we arrived home Toby was pleased to see me and looked in good condition, Rob I was upset didn’t want to come home when Nikki brought him to the car he walked straight past my mother and I not a welcome from him, not sure he was happy coming home again, maybe I might leave him with Ben and Nikki for good. I am going away again and will be using Ledbury lodge kennels as my dogs are always well settled there, it’s a nice peaceful kennels and they seem to enjoy their holiday.
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Debbie Bliss

Dear Ben and Nikki,

Firstly, when looking for somewhere for Milo to stay we were recommended to use Ledbury Lodge. We had a look at the website, which is very well presented including all information you would want to know and some great photos! We contacted Nikki and Ben and had a prompt reply offering us to come and have a viewing. This was very professional and we were shown all areas. The grounds are very well kept and security is fantastic with electric entrance and security cameras. We loved the option of our Springer Spaniel Milo being able to stay in Ben and Nikki’s family home if he did not like the other dog sleeping area. In the end Milo stayed in the dog sleeping area where he had his own private bedroom leading out into an outdoor area where he was able to come inside and out when he chose. The outdoor garden area is large and we could see that there was plenty of room for Milo to be able to explore whilst also having necessary exercise that he needs.

Milo has not been away from us before so we were all very apprehensive. Both Ben and Nikki were very supportive and agreed that we could book Milo in for a weekend stay before his longer week stay. This allowed Milo to settle in to Ledbury Lodge gradually. We felt very reassured by Ben and Nikki. Before booking Milo’s stay we were asked personal questions about Milo’s individual needs. These were all met really well and his stay was personalised to meet his individual needs. Milo was very happy when we picked him up this reassured us even more that he had a great time! Ben and Nikki had mentioned that Milo was not eating out of his food bowls and was quite nervous around other dogs at first. Ben and Nikki used methods to help with Milo’s eating and provided one to one ‘play time’ for him. This was fantastic to hear that Milo was receiving the best care and attention whilst he was staying at Ledbury Lodge. Ben and Nikki very kindly sent us videos and photos of Milo throughout his stay this was lovely to see! Also, as nervous dog parents we were sent messages to let us know how Milo was getting on. This little extra touch made us feel 100% reassured! Whilst at Ledbury Lodge Milo was slowly introduced to other dogs (photo is Milo on the left meeting a fellow Springer Spaniel whilst on his stay!) Milo has gained such confidence when around other dogs by being at Ledbury Lodge! Ledbury Lodge receives a 5* review from us, the facilities are fantastic and family run aspect is great! Ben and Nikki are very experienced in what they do and this is evidently seen. Milo has been given lots of attention and been truly spoilt whilst at Ledbury Lodge. Milo cannot wait to return for his next holiday! We can not thank you enough for such a fantastic service. It is so nice to be able to have someone to trust to look after our Milo. Thank you again!

Sarah and Andy

My name is Ruby I am a three year old Golden Retriever, I am a regular visitor to Ledbury Lodge as my parents seem to go away a lot. It’s a great place to stay, warm, comfortable, clean, good food, peaceful most of the time. Ben, Nikki and the boys are great and we have lots of fun. I have made many friends on my visits and we often go into Ledbury on a Saturday night for a few jars!! and just get back in time before we are missed!!

Well that’s my view now over to Mum……….

I would highly recommend Ledbury Lodge Kennels it is well run, very professional and Ben & Nikki are very accommodating to the needs of the dogs. Ruby has a wonderful time there and is always keen to return……….

Jane Cure

I am nearly six years old and I have experienced several Dog Hotels in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.
Until my Master and Mrs brought me to Ledbury Lodge I would not have awarded any of those Dog Hotels more than 3* and one of them didn’t deserve more than 2*.
The Ledbury Lodge Dog Hotel is a 5* establishment and I hear that Monsieur Michelin will shortly include it in his guide. I am always given my favourite food and the service is excellent. I am always given a room in the sun – which I love – and lots of chewies and runs. The Manager and Manageress are charming and very kind and I am never short of cuddles.
I have sent two of my best friends (Tommy Haden and Benji Grant-Duff) and they are always thanking me for recommending your dog hotel to them

Miss Daisy Belton

Ledbury Lodge is an excellent Dog Hotel in every respect and I cannot recommend it too highly.

Chris Belton

Dear Ben and Nikki

Having been dog owners for some twenty years we had always been able to rely on friends and family to take care of our pets.

In 2009 we needed to find someone to care for our “boys” and checked out Ledbury Lodge Kennels.

From the start we were impressed by the calm professionalism of Ben and Nikki. Our tour of the kennels showed excellent high standards and the happiness of every guest was clearly evident.

We booked our boys, Monty (then 7 months old) and Buster in for a week in September 2009.
When we came to collect them, they were happy, well cared for and had clearly built a friendship with Ben, Nikki and their (human) boys.

Buster and Monty have returned for “holidays” since then and we will continue to board them at Ledbury for the foreseeable future as our boys always come home happy and healthy.

Bee West

Hello Nikki, Ben and Boys,

I have eventually got the hang of this computer. Wanted to thank you for making my stay go so well with you, didn’t think I would enjoy a holiday so much. I have never been in a kennels before moving to Herefordshire in my old age. Having always been with a young family I am now with a couple who are the late generation like myself. It was wonderful being around youngsters again. I was very worried about coming in for a month but no problems accommodation and food first class a Michelin star I would say. You all made my stay so good I didn’t know whether to stay on or go home when my owners came. I am now looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks time. Some would say its a lovely life getting older and in some ways I would agree because I am so lucky my owners have found you all. Even had other pointers there for company some of them did whine a little of but that’s to be expected with our breed well known for all sorts of noises. Nikki has become my foster mum and many thanks for that as you are one of the best. My best wishes to you all.

Lots of Licks

Boston the Senior German Pointer

Hello to you all, its Lucy and Lola here,

Mom said we had to write you a note to say thank you for looking after us so well when she went enjoying herself in Malta. We know she was worried about leaving us (we are quite spoilt) as it was our first time in kennels. To be honest we were a little unsure about it all. But hey, its like a health farm for dogs. We came home so much fitter and we had loads of cuddles. Looking forward to our next stay with you, already booked, as moms off for more sunshine. She says to say hi and sends her love and thanks and apologises for not making us do this sooner.

So any of you moms or dads out there looking for kennels to leave the most important member of your family, go to Ledbury Lodge and say the girls sent you!

Lucy and Lola